To make this long story a little shorter, functional medicine is a whole-foods, whole-person approach to nutrition and health; it guided me to get back in touch with my body. With this, I was able to find the foods that actually made me feel good, versus those I ate simply because they were deemed “healthy”. I learned that all those “right” foods I was eating just weren’t right for me.

I discovered that “healthy” is not a universal term; we are all unique and foods that promote health in one person, may not offer the same benefits for another.

I began to apply this newfound knowledge in my counseling work, helping clients discover an eating pattern that works best for their unique conditions, food preferences, and lifestyle — a truly individualized approach to nutrition and wellness.

I was finally feeling good and my clients were achieving similar results; they too were able to abandon the one-size-fits-all “healthy diet” and begin listening to their bodies